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Firefest 2021 Live

Saturday 12th, 13th and Sunday 14th February



We are pleased to announce that we will be streaming Firefest 2021 online from Wakefield  for everyone to be part of. We wanted to be meeting in person but under current guidelines thats just not possible.  Not to worry we have a fantastic line up for you of worship, teaching, discussions and more.

Send us your comments, photos and questions using the #Firefest2021 on facebook and twitter, and we will share them live during the event.


Whats happening

We are pleased to announce the following people will be attending FireFest 2021

Register for Workshop

Signup now for the Saturday afternoon workshop, which will be held on zoom.  A time for interaction, discussion and idea generating for the Real Love Campaign.  Not to be missed.


Our Theme

To reach as many people as we can with the message that Jesus loves them; His love is real, free and never-ending; that Christians in local communities are taking the time to reach out because they want to share the love of Jesus with as many people as possible.

Our storytelling needs to engage people because it speaks into their lives and current circumstances demonstrating that what we believe has the potential to bring practical differences to the way they live their lives and to their communities.

By demonstrating what we call #RealLove, at a time when the focus is on images of secular love created by Valentine’s Day, we show how our faith offers us a different value system and way of living: counter-cultural, but positive message offering hope to a broken world.